Juried In

My platter, medium serving bowl, and pitcher were recently juried into "Dining in V: An Artful Experience" to be held in Houston at 18 Hands Gallery. I am so excited as all three entries were accepted!

From the gallery's website: “Dining In V: An Artful Experience,” a juried exhibition that will run the month of August 2012 (opening to be held in conjunction with the Houston Heights White Linen Night celebration.) The exhibition will feature handmade items for the well-appointed
dining table. This includes plates, chargers, bowls, candleholders,
tureens, ladles, centerpieces, spoons, forks, knives, drinking vessels, etc.  

The Houston White Linen Night Celebration takes place in the Houston Heights, Saturday August 4th, 2012. Merchants stay open late, food, drink, and music abound! 

Sounds like a fun time, too bad I cannot be there in person. 


Home Studio Photography Set Up

One of the first things I did after the semester ended in May was to make my own photography set up at home. I had an order of pots that needed photographing, and I was tired of lugging work back and forth to school or trying to share the photo studio, where it seemed, I always needed help setting up the background paper.

Since I would be using this in my home studio, which is too small to have both my work space and photo area set up at the same time, I designed it to be easily moved and stored. After a trip to Home Depot for the supplies I didn't already have on hand, I was ready to build.

Beginning the lightbox, seal your cardboard box on one end. Measure so that you have a one inch ledge to support your drop ceiling tile. Cut using a box cutter.
Cut the drop ceiling tile with a plexi glass cutter to the interior size of the box, minus a little. You want a snug fit. I placed the textured side up. It does not affect the quality of the light this way.

 The lightbox sealed with the clamp light and bulb enclosed. I used a  porcelain socket clamp light and a 120 watt daylight fluorescent.

This is the support for the paper. It is seven feet tall. To secure the posts to the walls, I tacked strips of fabric to the wall. It works better than I expected. If I had had the room for two buckets of sand I would have used that instead.
Here you can see both support systems. The front support holds the lightbox and is six feet in height. Here, too, you can see the bucket of sand I am using to support the PVC pipe.
Here you can see that I used a zip tie around both the pipe and the clamp light so that my light will swing forward or back according to my needs. There is also heavy duty Velco on the back of the box for a piece of black matboard that I attach so I can create a gradient background.
A better picture of the whole workings. Everything is designed to come apart so that it can be easily moved into and out of my studio space.  I have left the background paper and support in place as it does not interfere with me making my work. A piece of plastic wrapped over the paper protects it from dust.

All ready to go.


Update: Winterfest 2011

The exhibition I am part of at Baltimore Clayworks is now online. Work can be purchased, although I am not sure of their shipping schedule. My platter made the title wall! Here is the link to the online gallery.


Remember, support artists by buying handmade.


Update: Winter's Florifertum

The exhibition at Red Lodge Clay Center is now online and all work is available for purchase and immediate delivery. Support artists and Buy Handmade for all your gifts!


Winter's Florifertum

I am excited to be included in Winter's Florifertum, December 2-23, 2011, at Red Lodge Clay Center. According to the exhibition card, Molly Hatch will collaborate with other elaborately ornate varietals of function including: Jenni Brandt, Michael Kline, Melody Tiemann, Julie Johnson, Diana Fayt, Elizabeth Robinson, Sanam Emami and Michelle Miller. The loft gallery will bloom in excessive, celebratory holiday abundance.


Winterfest 2011

These salt and peppers are an example of the work I sent to Baltimore Clayworks for their Winterfest 2011 exhibition and sale. The show runs from November 19, 2011-January 6, 2012. Other invited artists include:  Lorna Awalt (MD), Ingrid Bathe (ME), HP Bloomer (TX), Jeff Campana (VT), Josh Copus (NC), Marty Fielding (VT), Janelle Gang (MD), Daniel Garretson (CO),  Andrew Gilliatt (LA), Lynne Hobaica (NY), Mike Jabbur (VA), Tom Jaszczak (MN), Brian Jones (OR), Christopher Melia (TX), Sebastian Moh (KY), Lindsey Oesteritter (KY), Debra Oliva (MI), Doug Peltzman (NY), Melody Tiemann (MS), Jeremy Wallace (MD).

It's Been Awhile

To keep it brief a lot has happened since my last post over a year ago.

I moved to Mississippi to take a teaching position at Mississippi Valley State University last Fall after my time at the Appalachian Center for Craft was over. I had three fabulous and enriching years as the Resident Artist in Clay at the Craft Center, and miss it still.

I am currently teaching five courses a semester ranging from foundation classes to art history. It has been a wild ride, but so worth it. In addition to teaching, I've been making work. Most recently for group exhibitions and sales at Red Lodge Clay Center in Montana, Balitmore Clayworks, and the Appalachian Center for Craft.

I am also in the process of updating my website so until that is complete please excuse the down site. I will keep you posted, a little better this time.