Upcoming Events

Evening Workshops:  Tonight the eight-week evening workshops come to an end.  We will have potluck and ohh and ahh over the finished work.  This is my favorite part of the workshop, when the students see the rewards of their hard work.  I am so proud of them. 

NCECA:  Next week, March 31-April 3 I, along with several thousand other ceramics professionals, professors, students, hobbyists, wholesalers, and enthusiasts will descend on Philadelphia, PA for the Annual National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Conference.  The city's galleries, store fronts, coffee shops, etc. will be filled with ceramic art.  In addition to all the art on display, the conference center will host demonstrations, lectures, panel discussions, video screenings, and a huge room filled with vendors, schools, and non-profits.  Throughout the conference an atmosphere similar to a family reunion will prevail as old relationships are renewed and new ones are made.  I can't wait!

AIR Opening:  Just a reminder that applications for the Clay Artist-in-Residence position are due at the Craft Center April 1, 2010.  You can find the particulars here.  It is a great job in a beautiful place.

Summer WorkshopsThe Appalachian Center for Craft has released their Summer Workshop Calendar.
They have a new schedule for this Summer.  In May the workshops are weekends (Fri-Sun) only.  They will be taught by Marc Barr, Nancy Jacobsohn, myself, and Susan Smith.  June will be a three-week intensive that can be taken for college credit.  In clay, Suze Lindsay will be teaching! July will consist of three one-week (Sun-Fri) workshops featuring classes taught by Gay Smith, Kristen Kieffer, and Aaron Lee Benson.  I hope you can join us for a lot of workshop fun.


Clay AIR Job Opening

My time here at the Craft Center is coming to an end in August and the search is on for the next clay Artist-in-Residence.  I believe the deadline for applying is April 1, 2010.  So if you are interested or know of anyone who might be, please send in your applications.  Full details can be found at https://www.tntech.edu/jobs-cs/artist-in-residence-clay-appalachian-center-for-craft-684010/.


My Statement for AIR 2010 Exhibition

The artwork presented for this exhibition is a sampling of my explorations in clay over the past few months.  The questions, "What happens if . . .?" was a dominant aspect in the creation of the work.  It factored into almost all formal decisions, including whether the pieces were for the wall or pedestal, size, color combinations, use of materials and techniques to create the designs/patterns, and the forms themselves.  Through this the work became a study of form, composition, color, materials, and technique.

To keep from limiting myself in the discovery process, I used a variety of construction and surface decoration methods.  I borrowed techniques from industry in the creation of form through the use of molds and templates, and from printmaking for ideas about applying surface.

While the formal elements of the works were carefully considered, I allowed the conceptual aspects to evolve in a more intuitive manner.  The imagery became reflections of my moods and inner thoughts about relationships, transitions, and memories.

Artist-in-Residence Exhibition 2010

The Appalachian Center for Craft Artists-in-Residence have installed work in Gallery II for their annual exhibition and will be on display from February 28-April 14. Below is a sampling of the work.  Hope you can come see it.

Entering the show.

Jess Jones:  Fibers AIR
 Jess Jones:  folded books, handmade paper

My work: Loafing & Passing 1 & 2

My work: Installation view

My Work:  Prints

My work:  Nostalgia Series

My Work: Spring 1, 2, & 3
Sarah McClary: Exhibitions AIR

Sung-Yeoul Lee: Metals AIR

Sung-Yeoul Lee

Andrew Najarian: Glass AIR

Trey Gossett: Wood AIR