I Got In!

Good news arrived in the inbox this morning. All three pieces above were juried into the exhibition Dining In: An Artful Experience. The exhibition will be held at 18 Hands Gallery in Houston, TX in August 2009. It sounds pretty neat. Here it is from the prospectus: The exhibition will feature hand-made items that might be found on a dinner table. The final show installation will consist of 5-10 fully appointed dining tables.


Plates and Platters

I finally got around to glazing these platters. No surprises which is a good thing. They were fired to cone 1 oxidation. I am pleased with the results, especially the richness of the terracotta clay.

Updated Website

I've finally updated my website. You may notice a new color scheme. I wanted something bolder. I think I achieved that. Too, I've updated my artist's statements, CV, and links. I would love to hear what you think about the changes. Here's the link: melodytiemann.com


Playing Around

Since I taught my Plates and Platters workshop in May, I've been dying to make more. So I decided to make a few more molds, the trapezoidal and long oval ones, and get started. I am really interested in surface design and finding the right imagery for the form. As you can see, I've been playing. The tug of war is organic versus geometric. Then of course, how busy can I make the patterning. Eventually, I will find the balance. These plates and platters are on the verge of being bone dry, so maybe they'll find their way into a kiln this week. If any turn out, I'll post the finished product.