Outdoor Fun

It is a snowy wonderland outside this weekend.  Normally, that would be a perfect time to stay indoors and work in the studio, but the urge to hike down to the lake was too great.  The fresh air, falling snow, exercise, and the beauty of the woods in winter did more to calm my mind and refresh my spirit than staying indoors would have done. I ended the afternoon with hot chocolate and cookies with friends.  A great day overall.  Here are a few pictures from the adventure.
A robin eating berries.

Me on the Lake shore.

The inlet shoreline.


Winter is Here!

Winter, or at least what I always imagined winter being, is here!   I grew up in South Texas where winter usually consisted of a month or two of 40-50 degree weather, and the occasional 20-30 degree day.  Few and far between were a day or two of ice, or if we were really lucky a smattering of snow.  I'm now in Tennessee where we have four seasons that are definable, and I love it.  How do I know winter is here? Well, the temperature has been in the 20s or lower for more than 4 days AND there is snow on the ground!  I must admit I am extremely curious about the snow.  It is beautiful and romantic, but it is also dangerous, and I wonder how people who have it on the ground all winter deal with it.  In the meantime, I've been out enjoying the white stuff. Here are a few pictures from around campus.  We even had a student try to sled on a garbage can lid down the hill out back.  Unfortunately, I don't think we had enough snow for it.
The lake, can you see the snow on the opposite shore?

More of the lake.

Me bundled up.  My fingers were beginning to get a little numb at this point.  I went in shortly after.


Welcome 2010

A new year has begun and along with it a new journey. This is my last Spring here at the Craft Center, as my residency ends in August. I am realizing that this year is to be filled with bittersweet moments alongside new experiences. Where I will be after this, I don't know. Will it be a teaching position, residency, or setting up my own studio? I am open to all these, but know I will be sad to leave this wonderful place that has allowed me to grow as an artist, teacher, and person. So many good things have happened to me here in Tennessee, and so I must believe that wherever I land, good things will happen there too. Welcome 2010.